Fairly Traded Rubber: Babies – Or Not!

Despite Covid travel restrictions it was possible to welcome a new supplier partner into the Fair Trade system of the Fair Rubber Association: 44 small rubber farmers in the Hat Yai region (Thailand), who supply to a local processor, registered their association as “KLONG POM PHATTHANA 95”. The group consists of men and women, aged from 32 to 71(!) years of age.
The natural rubber which they supply, and for which they get a Fair Trade premium of EUR 0.50/kg DRC (Dry Rubber Content) is used in the products of two members of the Fair Rubber Association – in effect providing options for all families that want children – and those who don’t: One member produces pacifiers and tops for baby feeding bottles – the other is the world’s biggest condom manufacturer.
Its latest Fairly Traded condom brand is Loovara intimate. Either way there is no more excuse not to LOVE Fairly Traded rubber!