Fair Trade Standards for Natural Rubber Updated

The FRA introduced its first stand alone criteria document in 2018 (before that it had relied on other related criteria sets). After three years of experience in all countries where we have supplier partners, the criteria document has been revised: No basics needed to be changed – but the explanations of which regulations apply to what type of setting etc. have been updated. The new version (Fair Rubber Standards 3.2) can soon be downloaded from our (newly formatted) website www.fairrubber.org We would also like to remind all customers of products with the Fair Rubber Association logo that the fees paid by the users of the logo pay for all 3rd party audits: We never charge supplier partners for our audit requirements. We are also happy to report that two new supplier partners could join our scheme as there was demand for (some) of their production: A group of small farmers in Kerala in South India, and another plantation in Sri Lanka. For more information visit our website.