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More about CPR
CPR is considered a pioneer among condom producers, having been the first condom manufacturer to source Fairly Traded latex for their production process.
More about ICB
ICB Group is an Australien company that has been supplying latex gloves to supermarkets under the Hygiene Plus brand for over 20 years. Their new Sustain range is both Fair Rubber and FSC certified.
More about aidenvironment
Creating sustainable value chains has been our core activity for more than 20 years. We have developed a proven structured approach to designing effective business solutions and helping our clients implement them.
More about Alice + Whittles
Launched in 2012 by Nicholas Horekens and Sofi Khwaja, Alice + Whittles is a Canadian fashion essentials lifestyle brand established on the fundamentals ‒ clean functional design that spans time and geography and the careful curation of sustainable materials.
Alice + Whittles
YuYu Designs created the world’s first and original long hot (and cold) water bottle. With a revolutionary design involving a wearable strap, this multi-climate long hot water bottle is sold internationally. Spanning hotels, department stores and homes across the world.
Yuyu Designs
More about PROLANA
PROLANA has been producing mattresses and bedding since 1987. The principles of the company are: Products of the finest quality, produced with natural materials like wool, cotton, silk, and latex, all sourced (as far as possible) from certified sustainable production systems and under Fair Trade conditions.
More about Ace of air
Ace of Air is the first 100% circular B Corp Certified beauty and wellness brand that elevates people and planet with powerful synergistically formulated skincare and supplements that work together from the inside out. We package in zero waste, refilled containers so that with us you buy the product and borrow the package so this #SlowBeauty can cycle on and on.
Ace of Air
More about OLLI
Olli was founded in 2015 with the aim to introduce Fairly Traded flip flops to the US. Every pair of shoes purchased contributes to better working conditions, e.g. medical care, for the rubber workers and their families. Olli works with ethical, sustainable suppliers, so that our customers can buy with confidence. We look forward to expanding to other shoes with rubber soles in future.
More about Stephen Gould
We pioneer creative product and packaging solutions for the world’s most trusted brands. We have been at the forefront of utilizing ethically sourced, sustainable packaging solutions for our clients including sourcing Fair Trade Natural Rubber to ensure that a meaningful percentage of the profits of purchased raw material are directed to the source plantation and not absorbed or cut by the distribution network.
Stephen Gould
More about MAM
MAM is a family owned company based in Austria, which has been developing and producing baby products like pacifiers and feeding bottles in close cooperation with many stakeholders. MAM products are being sold in more than 60 countries all over the world – always keeping in mind our mission to help improve the health and wellbeing of babies and their parents wherever they live.
More about Liberty Asia
Liberty Asia seeks to identify ways to disrupt the environment in which slavery and exploitation thrives and to that end focuses on mechanisms that gather and provide relevant information and data to various stakeholders in society, such as the private sector, legal industry and law enforcement, whose actions will cause a systemic reduction in potential and existing abuses.
Liberty Asia
More about Sustain
Sustain is the first sustainable, Fair Trade brand of condoms in the US marketed, first and foremost, to women. Sustain is on a mission to help women take charge of their sexual health by providing products, such as condoms, with high standards and transparent ingredients. Sustain is certified vegan, never tested on animals and is free of the carcinogenic chemical nitrosamine.
More about Sleepgreen
CLASS OVER MASS. At the day’s end, everyone likes to lie down on a fair trade mattress and to drift off into the Land of Nod with the pillow’s relaxing scent. The specialists in bed and home decor stock a range of sustainable goods, catering to their consumer-conscious customers, such as fair trade matresses, pillows, Birkenstock and organic bedlinen. Here, class rules over mass.
More about Hippobloo
”Hippobloo Europe is a phlip phlop brand, responsible, ecological and solidary. Buying a pair of Hippobloo phlip phlops contributes in taking care of our planet, from being biodegradable, but also for the workers who harvest natural rubber at all stages of the manufacturing chain by improving their working conditions, maintaining stable jobs and providing better income. This is our vision of fair trade.
More about Source Atlantique
Source Atlantique is the largest independent importer/master distributor of specialty foods in the United States. If You Care (which includes household gloves made from natural rubber) is Source Atlantique’s largest and fastest-growing brand and is sold through major distribution channels such as specialty retailers, supermarket chains, natural foods stores and independent food co-ops.
Source Atlantique
More about Global Nature Fund
Global Nature Fund (GNF) is a not-for-profit, private international foundation based in Germany. GNF develops concepts and projects worldwide for the protection of the environment and nature. The foundation supports the private sector in establishing business models and sourcing policies which contribute to the sustainable use of resources – including natural rubber – and to the conservation of biological diversity.
Global Nature Fund
More about soulbottles
soulbottles makes sustainability easy: Through drinking bottles which are not only 100% plastic free, carbon neutrally and fairly produced in Germany but also look really cool. We are convinced that a sustainable lifestyle can only work if it fits into your daily routine. At the same time, we are aware that not everybody has access to clean drinking water. Therefore, 1€ per bottle sold goes to specific drinking water projects in other countries.
More about Fair Squared
The Fair Squared brand was founded in Newcastle (UK) in 2011. Worldwide it is one of the first companies to offer cosmetics with the Fairtrade label. Fair Squared condoms made from Fairly Traded latex are on sale all over Europe. These condoms are produced without any ingredients from animal sources, which, in addition to the Fair Rubber Association label, allows Fair Squared condoms to be certified by the Vegan Society, too.
More about Feelgoodz
Founded by traveler Kyle Berner in 2008, Feelgoodz is a casual lifestyle brand that creates high quality footwear featuring ethically sourced natural rubber, genuine leather, and handwoven textiles. Your purchase helps us sustain employment for the crafts of rubber tapping, fabric weaving, and shoemaking. Feelgoodz is working hard to integrate its supply chains with the Fair Rubber Association regulations on Fairly Traded natural rubber.
More about Timberfarm
Timberfarm started planting rubber trees in Panama in 2012 on degraded land. In the autumn of 2017, harvesting was done for the first time. Currently, Timberfarm is also building a factory to process the rubber. Timberfarm aims to pay fair wages to workers, and wants to see others to follow. It is active in the Sustainable Natural Rubber Initiative (SNR-i) of the International Rubber Study Group. Timberfarm is a supporting member of Fair Rubber.
More about FairTradeCenter
FairTradeCenter Breisgau GmbH was founded in 2002. Since then, our cooperation with other organizations and thus our product range has been constantly expanding. In recent years, we have increasingly invested in direct imports and in closer cooperation with other fair trade import companies. These efforts now enable us, to extend our classic product ranges to new product ideas and bring them to the market. Fairly traded rubber products have developed to one of our most important trade area.
More about Verité
Verité aims to ensure that globalization is made to work for poor and vulnerable people around the world. We ensure that powerful institutions, and particularly the private sector, take responsibility for solving human rights problems where goods are made and crops are grown. The impact of our work is tangible: more income for workers and harvesters; increased opportunities for women, minorities and migrants; protection for children and those in forced labor; safer working conditions in factories, farms, fisheries and mines; and empowerment for workers and harvesters.
More about Weber & Schaer
Weber & Schaer is one of the oldest trading houses for natural rubber. The family-run business was founded in 1844 and has been selling rubber for almost 150 years. Nowadays we offer an almost complete portfolio for the rubber industry, including several services, e.g. our own laboratory for development of new products together with our suppliers and customers. Our transport department can organize the complete supply chain. The latest project is the development of a sustainable, transparent supply chain in the sense of FSC Chain of Custody for non-timber-forest-products.
Weber & Schaer
More about Po-Zu
Po-Zu is an award-winning ethical footwear brand, combining sustainable production methods with supreme comfort and low-impact materials such as; organic cotton, cork, coconut husk, Pinatex™ (pineapple leather), Appleskin (vegan alternative to leather), and natural latex. Po-Zu was launched in 2006 by Sven Segal with the goal to produce the most sustainable shoe possible without compromising on aesthetics comfort and quality. They have been ranked as the UK’s top ethical shoe brand by The Ethical Company Organisation for 12 consecutive years.
More about Badboyz
BAD BOYZ BALLFABRIK e.K. - founded in May 2014, is one of the few suppliers of FAIRTRADE certified sports balls (football, handball, volleyball) worldwide. Our USP is the possibility of customizing balls for municipalities, schools, clubs and corporate businesses even for small quantities. In addition to our social commitment, we are also promoting ecologically responsible products, hence our cooperation with the Fair Rubber Association. Our balls are tested by the German food testing laboratory SGS Fresenius to be absolutely free of harmful substances.
More about Reckitt
Reckitt exists to protect, heal and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world. We believe that access to the highest-quality hygiene, wellness and nourishment is a right, not a privilege. Reckitt is behind some of the world’s most recognisable and trusted consumer brands, including of course Durex. Every day, more than 20 million Reckitt products are bought globally. We are a diverse global team of more than 43,000 colleagues. We draw on our collective energy to meet our ambitions of purpose-led brands, a healthier planet and a fairer society.
More about Diversity Honeys
We started Diversity Honeys because we wanted to import honey from Asian honeybees and highlight the threat to biodiversity. Red tape and bureaucracy meant that for more than three years no such honey shipment made it into Europe. So, Diversity began to develop gardening implements made from natural materials, in particular natural (and Fairly traded) rubber, since we were annoyed that even dedicated organic gardeners often had no choice but to use plastic implements. A range of seed trays from natural rubber and rubberized woollen twine are our first products to reach the market.
Diversity Honeys
More about Kooshoo
KOOSHOO makes organic, Fair Trade and plastic-free hair accessories that empower our customers to be difference-makers in the world. Our roots are from a tiny paradise island in the South Pacific called Norfolk Island. The word KOOSHOO means feeling good in Norfuk. When it comes to living sustainably, we learned early that even the smallest shifts make a big difference. This is why we only design products that celebrate natural textiles, are best-in-class at their function, and do well by the people we employ. It's also why we designed the world's first plastic-free hair ties in 2012 and haven't stopped innovating since. To small acts creating big impact!
More about Karex
Karex is the global leader in condom manufacturing with an annual capacity in excess of 5 billion pieces, offering an unparalleled reach with the ability to export our products to more than 140 countries around the World. Karex began manufacturing condoms in 1988, providing us with more than 30 years of unsurpassed experience in the industry. Our 4 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are located across Malaysia and Thailand, close to the freshest high-quality rubber sources, and are staffed by almost 3,000 dedicated employees. Our vision is to continuously build an organization that responds to the changing views of sexual health and wellness, by developing products that inspire people to make better, healthier choices. We champion social responsibility and sustainability, not just as moral imperatives but to build stronger, long-lasting relationships with our customers.
More about Corrie MacColl
At Corrie MacColl, we take a modern approach to fair and sustainable value creation in the origination and distribution of the vital material that is natural rubber. As a sustainable model corporate citizen, we are extensively invested in ecological conservation, economic and social development. Our rubber is grown, sourced and produced to the highest quality, matching supply and demand with as little impact as possible. We are consciously positioned to serve today’s rubber consumer through our customer centric merchandising model. Demand for made-to-measure rubber for use in diverse, premium and specialty applications is fulfilled by our entrenched position in key distribution markets and custom-made delivery programmes to customers. Our products are delivered to over 1,000 customers in 350 cities through our second-to-none logistical assets, flanked by our dedicated technical advisory and support unit.
Corrie MacColl
More about SCHWALBE
Ralf Bohle GmbH with its Schwalbe brand is the European market leader for bicycle tires. The company has subsidiaries and distribution partners in about 60 countries. More than 140 members of staff are employed at Ralf Bohle GmbH in Reichshof, and 60 additional employees are working at five subsidiaries in Europe and North America. The third-generation family-run company is at the forefront of innovation, introducing technologies such as the first “flat-less” bicycle tire, Schwalbe Marathon Plus. Since 1973, the Korean family-run company Hung-A has been the production partner of Ralf Bohle GmbH. The two Schwalbe factories operate as a joint venture in Indonesia and Vietnam. Both companies are not only business partners – they also look back on more than 45 years of close friendship. This is unique in the industry. In cooperation with the scientific research and consultancy institute EPEA in Hamburg, which is known for its Cradle to Cradle design concept, Ralf Bohle GmbH has been able to implement several “Green Milestones” over the past few years. This includes the introduction of a recycling system for bicycle tubes, a type of tread rubber solely made of renewable and recycled raw materials as well as a puncture protection belt of which a third is made of recycled natural rubber. The next step is to harmonise supply chains with the criteria of the Fair Rubber Association.