Since the founding of the Fair Rubber Association in2012, over 4,680 tons of Dry Rubber Content (DRC) have been traded according to the criteria of the Fair Rubber Association. As a result of this, more than EUR 2,340,000 of Fair Trade premiums could be passed on to our producer partners (as of December 2023). Fair Trade projects so far have included the following:

  • The first private supplementary pension fund for rubber plantation workers in India.
  • The supply of clean drinking water for 64 families in a plantation in Sri Lanka.
  • The expansion of the processing capacity of the small farmer association in Sri Lanka, enabling more small farmers to join and participate.
  • The construction of a biogas unit to clean the water and supply gas for the smoke house (small farmers in Sri Lanka).
  • Provision of electricity for 21 families in a Sri Lankan plantation so that their children too are able to do their homework after dark.
  • Financial support for extraordinary medical expenses and weddings.

MEDICAL EXPENSES  As the health insurance does not cover all costs, the Fair Trade fund helps.

FINALLY ELECTRICITY  An advantage of electricity: Also at night, there is enough lights for doing the homework. 

PENSION SCHEME  Through Fair Trade premiums, pensions are raised – as in the case of the family Babu. 

BETTER HOUSING  After termites have eaten the old house, a new house was constructed for Upatissa family.

ENGAGED – MARRIED  Hosting a wedding for up to 500 people is expensive. In Sapumalkan- de, you can at least rent pots and pans now.

COMPETITIVE SPORTS AND FUN  Running shoes and light at night – Sports and fun are important as well.

FINALLY SHOWERING  Bevore the public shower had been installed, one could only wash in the river.

CLEAN TAP WATER  Thanks to Fair Trade premiums workers at the Frocester estate now have clean water. 

SCHOLARSHIP ENABLES EDUCATION  Niksan is one of many, who can study supported by a Fair Trade scholarship.

BRIDGE MAKES CONNECTIONS  So far, families from Govinna had to make a big detour, now they have a bridge.

JOY OF PLAYING IN KINDERGARTEN  Climbing scaffolds, swings and a new paint have been paid by Fair Trade money.

NEW ROOFS  Hurricane victims received new roofing sheets for their houses.