Fair Rubber products on Amazon

Online retailer Amazon has recognized Fair Rubber as a trusted seal for sustainable rubber: Customers can now find products with the Fair Rubber logo more easily through Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly program on the online marketplace. It is now also possible to search for Fair Rubber items in individual product categories. Alternatively, shoppers can get an overview of all Fair Rubber-labeled products. There are currently around 800 – from rubber gloves and condoms to coconut latex mattresses.

The decision to list Fair Rubber with Amazon’s sustainability program was made by the Fair Rubber board with the support of the association’s members. The trend toward online shopping – an estimated 90 percent of the population in Germany shops online – is also reflected in the growing range of fair trade products available on the internet, including on Amazon. More than 200,000 items with recognized sustainability certificates are listed there worldwide. With Fair Rubber, a standard for products with fairly traded rubber has been added.

Nevertheless, the Fair Rubber Association of course continues to support the stationary sale of fairly traded products.