Where the rubber hits the road:The World’s First Fairly Traded Tyre

Schwalbe, the world’s premier brand of bicycle tyres, has joined the Fair Rubber Association (FRA) and produces the world’s first Fairly Traded tyres: The‘Marathon E-plus’ for e-bikes. Second in line: “The tyre for cargo bikes ‘Pick-Up’easily gets any load of up to 300 kg rolling”. The launch fell victim to Covid, as the bicycle fair for which the introduction had been planned had to be cancelled, but despite this set-back the group of 377 tappers in Indonesia has been receiving a Fair Trade premium payment every month for more than a year now. And in order to meet increasing demand and an expansion of its Fair Trade range,Schwalbe is hard at work with the FRA to increase its current offer multiple times. As a result 100s more rubber tappers will receive a modest pay increase every month. Fair Trade is on a roll.

1839 Invention of the bicycle

1888 First pneumatic bicycle tyre

2021 First Fairly Traded tyre