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A Wedding and Some Funerals

The decision on how to spend Fair Trade premium payments rests with the primary producers. In the case of plantations, a representative ‘joint body’ of plantation workers decides. And over the years, they have come up with some surprising decisions. Two examples show the breadth of usage – and their implications:Fifty-two year old S. V. …

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The Next Consumer Generation

Babies and toddlers will soon have the chance to grow up using Fairly Traded rubber products from the word ‘go’ : By autumn this year we expect that baby teats and baby bottle tops, and possibly also teething aids, will become available courtesy a new member of the Fair Rubber Association.

Size Matters

The Fair Rubber Association is sometimes asked, why the share of Fairly Traded rubber is so small. There are a number of key reasons. One is, that natural rub-ber can, to some extent, be substituted for by synthetic rubber (which is made from petroleum). And if petroleum is cheap – as it is nowadays, why …

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From 0 to 277

Indonesia is the 2nd biggest producer of natural rubber. However, until now, the Fair Rubber Association (FRA) did not have any Fair Trade supply chains there. Last October, following the request of a new member, a delegation of the FRA went to Indonesia and did the ground work in order to help small farmers and …

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